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Our Story

Welcome to HIBSO

Who we are?

Our purpose is to nurture healthier, happier lives through powerful Hibiscus drinks.

We are your online source for best hibiscus products that is hard to find in other shops. You can easily find many suppliers of Hibiscus, but it not easy to find the authentic quality and taste you deserve.

We are passionate about quality. We continually strive and never reduce the quality of a product to make it cheaper. We source for the best suppliers of hibiscus, baobab, gum and other natural African extracts to keep every cup of tea or drink a memory that last forever. We do everything we can to make our products unique in taste, smell, stability and freshness.

We believe in creativity, being different, and we are very passion about we are doing!

We listen carefully to our customers and we keep changing and developing our products to meet our customers expectations!

That's what makes HIBSO® different.

HIBSO® Story

Nature is full of valuable botanical functional extracts that need to be explored and discovered. Africa is rich in many functional botanical extracts such as Hibiscus, Baobab, Gum Arabic, Moringa and many more. These healthy species can be translated into many innovative foods, beverage and beauty products.

Although Africa is harboring substantial amount of the world reserve of these botanical species, only a tiny fraction of these species finds their way onto the shelves as finished products.

HIBSO® aim in bringing the benefits of these unique and remarkable natural products to consumers worldwide. When you consume any HIBSO® products you will not only enjoy the great authentic taste and the unique health benefits, but you will be making a direct contribution to the millions of small producers who cultivate these remarkable species.
This is our HIBSO® story.